Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Experience in WSO2

WSO2 its an leading open source Srilankan Base Company providing high quality products as open source. so as a new employee i want to say about the working environment of wso2 palm grove office its in kollupitty, srilanka. working in wso2 is an my dream from when i heart about wso2 because of they own passion. 5th of may 2015 i joined as Associate Software Engineer in wso2 from the point I’m starting to write this blog about my experience in wso2 . not only about technical stuff there are more to tell about wso2 experience.

I faced 7 Round of interviews to get into wso2 as an employee. first 5 rounds are technical then HR and Finally CEO of Wso2 Dr. Sanjeewa. its thrilling Experience. we faced first 2 round of interviews in WSO2 Jaffna and in few weeks later other 5 rounds in Palm Grove main Branch.

from the joining date like my university orientation here also we went for 3 days orientation about wso2. lot things about wso2 we learned and its revenue model is little bit interesting because its an open source company so its product and source codes are fully freely available in internet then how? yes support and maintenance is the revenue model to wso2. 

 wso2 have own culture not like other companies there is no micro management system here so employes have full freedom here . from 17th of June 2015 we assigned for teams. basically I’m interested in IoT stuffs but i assigned for ESB Connector Team. ESB is the Major product of WSO2 and its customers also Big. So I’m Starting a new journey  my in my life i hope it will start new ere in life from a great place to work wso2