Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Run USSD , SMS , LBS DevSpace Simulator

The Dev Space Telco APIs by hSenid Mobile provide a rich framework for app developers to build various apps by integrating Telco assets such as SMS, USSD, Charging, Location and Subscription to create various types of Telco apps that range from enterprise level to entertainment. Following are the list of Telco APIs available and its test This First We need to run Simulator

1.Install Java
2.Run the Simulator

To Run the Simulator Download The Simulator From this link and then
Step 1: Extract the file
Step 2: Go to the bin folder of the extracted file
Step 3: Start the sdp-simulator.bat using TAP  file placed in the bin folder an type console
..bin>sdp-simulator.bat console 

Now your Simulator Will Start to Run in Port Number 10001
Step 4:Open Your Browser and Type http//:localhost:10001

Now your Simulator Work Properly