Sunday, July 6, 2014

One Click Public Assistant

The Issue 

Modern fast life has reduced the quality time that people used to spend to monitor and safeguard the neighbours and the environment around their neighbourhood in a day-to-day manner. In a country like Sri Lanka, where multiple languages are spoken and people are not fully conversant in language other than their mother tongue, this also poses problems in clearly explaining the problem or the incident to the authorities. On the other hand service providers too, find it difficult to locate the exact location of the place where their service is needed because at many occasions compliant is also not well aware of the locations of the incidents and are unable to guide the officers to the exact location. Inability to report such incidents on time can claim many valuable lives and will seriously harm many precious natural resources of the country. 

One such consequence, which we can witness today around, is the epidemic city of Dengue fever in all districts of Sri Lanka including the capital city of Colombo, which has already claimed many valuable lives. Therefore, there needs to be an effective and efficient system is available for public to report any incidents of common benefit for the betterment of life. 

According to the Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health Report During the last 6 months of the year 2014, 18542 suspected dengue cases have been reported to the Epidemiology Unit from all over the island. Approximately 58.97% of dengue cases were reported from the Western province. The highest numbers of dengue cases were reported during the twenty fifth week of 2014.This situation warrants regular removal of possible mosquito breeding sites from the environment.

The Solution 

OCPA (One Click Public Assistant) is a location based reporting system integrated with a social media-based mobile application to ease and expedite the public services issues reporting and claims process.

 The main purpose of this system is expediting the public service process with accurate record and facilitates the appropriate parties who are interest on the particular problem / issue. This system helps us to report incidents in less time and the public do not need to be in the queue to complain about their incidents. Also, they can review the more focused solution taken by the authority for a particular incident. The most important thing is within a second the public can easily see what is happening around them and anyone can from the any part of the world crowd-sourcing for dengue surveillance. So, this application enables us to reduce the paper work and helps related parties to benefit. 

OCPA will allow everyone to share they experience through social networking tools including Facebook and Google Cloud message service and guard the society from epidemic diseases.

How This Solution is Possible?

  •  87% people in the world and 80.95% people in Sri lanka use mobile phone

  •  Volunteers are like a Gem difficult to find but there are some peoples wish to serve but they don¡¦t have a much time

  • Social media's are popular because of sharing and smart phone access

  • Mobile computing is now playing a big role in the world. Mobile government services are available in many counties

The Implementation 

This system proposed for the Motorola/Slasscom inter university innovation championship-2013 on march 2013 , developed for the December 2013 final and won 3rd place.

The System 

  • A user reports an incident (written as per the App¡¦s current design)

  • Take the phone (out) & resume

  • Unlock the screen 

  • Tap Applications icon

  • Navigate to OCPS app

  • Launch the app by tapping

  • If first time Register and Login

  • Tap on the main screen to bring up the buttons

  • Tap on Report button

  • Take photo by tapping the camera button

  •  Enter description of the photo/action requested

  •  Tap Send button 

Now the system will have the Report Image with the geo-location , small description and category of issue . through these information system will forward the report to the appropriate authority according to the area and category . authority want to reply for that issue within small amount of period otherwise system will display the particular issue in the wap and send to social media's as a highlighted issue in order to make public pressure and media focus on particular issue but at the same time user also can report share issue to OCPA a mean time to social media like Facebook also in order to make crowd-sourcing.