Monday, January 27, 2014

What we Learnd from Industrial Visit

Industrial visit mean spend our few hours in industries during the academic period it will teach so many things to future and can understand industries how to survive in  this competitive world.

Sri Lankan IT industries achieve  remarkable victories in IT field and compete with international industries. IT is the 3rd national income source of Sri Lanka.

in this scenario, I got a chance to visit 5 of IT industries in Sri Lanka IFS, 99X Technology, hSenid Mobile, WSo2, and Virtusa. in my 3rd year academic period. so from this visit, I got a small frame about industries and it's expectation from fresh I would like share with my followers.

Sri Lankan industries are maintaining Quality in there products so industries expect Quality peoples to work . quality peoples mean they expect some requirements like best results in academic, good communication skills , contribution in university projects , participation in extra curriculum activities like GSoC  and other soft skills.

 From the presentation by industries they mentioned about their requirements, it differs industry to industry some companies expect only the batch top students and they ready to teach technical staff and some companies expect that students want to have some sort of experience in technical staff but not reject the results. another most important aspect is communication skills it's a very important to work in industries . because most customers of industries are from foreign countries , there are so many meetings within industry and industries maintain multicultural within the industry  so employee wants to collaborate with the different background individuals so without communication skill can't survive in the industry. 

 another point is university projects in our university life we never bother about projects but when we face interview it's playing the main role and it's going to show our whole knowledge what we get from our university carrier. so when we select the project we need to satisfy the industrial aspects also and want to do in our own passion .

participation in extra curriculum activities like GSoC is giving the plus point in interview board . there are so many thinks to work on this category like working on open source projects , doing some other individual projects and competitions. maintaining the blogger and LinkedIn also bigger point in the interview board.